We hope you find these brochures useful hand outs for clients, seminars, trade shows, obedience classes or to 'enlighten' that not so illuminated uncle or neighbour using a shock collar. Not only can you have these brochures professionally printed in color on high gloss paper, they will still look good printed on your home printer in black and white on regular paper. What is most important is that they get circulated and help save defenseless souls from painful shocks.

Print Brochure

Please print side one, flip the page and print side two.
Place the side with the full text "How Shock Collars Are Used' face up.
Start on the right side of the page and fold 1/3 of the page inwards towards the centre.
Then fold 1/3 of the left side of the page in towards the centre.

Voila! The more you hand out the bigger the difference you can make.

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ADD YOUR VOICE - Contact Your Member of Parliament

Print, sign and send the following letter to your MP and CC us at or feel free to compose your own. Either way, your participation is needed to foster change for the betterment of animals. Let your government know you are one of the vast majority of voting, tax paying Canadians that want a law put in place to protect animals from shock collars.

Access your Member of Parliament's email here,

Printable Version of following Letter to MP Here

Dear MP

I ask that you please support a ban on the sale and use of electric shock collars on dogs and cats for training and control.

The most basic measure of decent behavior declares it as a mean and offensive way to treat a sentient being that has no escape.  From a behavioural science perspective using intimidation and pain to force an animal into doing a shocker's bidding is not training, it is abuse.  The overuse and misuse by novice frustrated shock users is a daily reality.  The erroneous belief that only 'experts' should use such devices ignores the fact that no person is an expert.  One cannot assess the effects of shocks on any particular dog's unique temperament, pain threshold, psychological toughness or resilience, without experimenting on that dog with varying shock intensities, levels and frequencies .  At that point, the suffering and damage begin.  Factor in the inconsistencies and non-existent quality standards amongst the different manufacturers and it is evident the practice of shock use can be very problematic.  Current understanding of animal behavior and scientific studies conclude electrically shocking animals is detrimental to their physical and psychological well being and can result in fear and aggression biting.  Those profiting from shock products continue to put out misinformation including the egregious falsehood that electric shocks do not hurt.  This has been repudiated by the countless individuals on Utube, not necessarily altruistically motivated, but nonetheless painfully demonstrate otherwise.

I ask that you use the position Canadians have entrusted you with, to help stop this needless cruelty. Thank you and have a wonderful pain-free day.

Sincerely, ...

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Please feel free to download & circulate the following posters and articles.

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The purpose of this information is to provide pet owners with an outline of ways to protect their pets when leaving them in the care of others. also recommend you seek advice, opinions, views and ideas from other trusted sources before making any final decisions.



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Together we can protect the most vulnerable among us by banning outright the sale and use of shock collars on all animals throughout the world. Please sign the on-line Global Petition

If you witness animal abuse with or without the use of a shock device, please do not delay in calling the police or an animal organization in your area. If by reporting the abuse you feel your safety is at risk tell the authorities you wish to remain anonymous